Tuesday, March 4, 2008

TV Tuesday

Well, actually TV Sunday and Monday. Did anyone else watch the premiere of The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom on TLC last night? I confess, I watched. All the promos looked great and sucked me in. Unfortunately, the promos were a little better than the show. The idea is fabulous, but some of the elements of the show were a little, umm how should I say it, cheesy. For example the show arranged for a stay at home mom a.k.a. "soccer mom" who dreamt of becoming a fashion designer before kids to work with a well known fashion designer for a week. The first day when the soccer mom was out of the house the show had two women dressed in black, like secret agents doing the mom’s housework and cooking dinner so she could come home and her family wouldn’t know she was gone. It’s sort of like a spy theme. Ooh. Despite the thick layer of cheese, I did like the show and will probably watch it again. The idea of giving someone an opportunity to try something they love is inspiring.

Speaking of giving, opportunity and inspiring… how about Oprah’s Big Give on Sunday night? Now that, I thought was great! Fun, inspiring, emotional and uplifting - what else would you expect from Oprah? That’s already been set to record as a weekly series on my DVR.

I would be remiss (since I wrote a Newlywed book) if I didn’t mention Here Comes the Newlyweds on ABC right after the Big Give. It was light and fun which was much needed after watching the Big Give’s heart-tugging stories. The show follows the traditional reality show format. There are seven newlywed couples who go through challenges, play for immunity and eventually vote each other off. The couples are some interesting characters, especially Ken and Barbie, I mean Dawn and Cody. I can’t really explain it; you definitely have to see them to believe them. The show has some potential, definitely worth a watch if you’re a newlywed, bride-to-be or simply a reality show junkie.

Happy Watching & Smiles,