Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Research, Record and React

Do you know what your husband likes? Yes, I’m talking about sex. And, which way he likes it? This Hump Day I’ve got a little assignment for you. It’s time to take action. Research, record and react. In other words, find out what your husband likes, remember it then make it happen.

Does your husband prefer…

Lights on or off?
Morning or night?
Quiet or loud?
Top or bottom?
Fast or slow?
Breast or thighs? (I’m not talking chicken here, ladies)
Negligee or nothing?

I think you get the point. Ask him these questions and anything else you might want to know. Send him a sexy text, or better yet, give him some options next time you two have a moment alone.

I know this week it’s all about him. Of course your likes are important, too, but sometimes it can be just as exciting to please your partner. I’m a big believer that if you give, you will receive in return – fortunately that works in the bedroom, too.

So, research, record and react; and most importantly… have some fun!

Smiles & Winks,

This week Wifey tackles the need for a new look and missing in-laws' birthdays in her Q&A column at While you're there, feel free to weigh-in - leave a comment, ask a question and vote on the poll - it's fun and easy!


Person(Also Known As Mommy) said...

I am very lucky in this respect-my husband and I have always been extremely open with our preferances. In fact, Hubby finally had to tell me once "You know everything! There isn't any more! If I think of something else, I'll tell you, but please PLEASE stop asking!" So I did. :)

This may be controversial, but I feel that the reason we're so open is because neither of our parents taught us that sex was dirty or shameful. They taught us that sex is an important and enjoyable part of a married couple's life. That really took all the stigma out of talking about sex and sexual preferances.

Wifey said...

I think that's wonderful. Sex should be an important and enjoyable part of marriage. Thanks for sharing! Smiles!