Friday, March 7, 2008


I confess, I can’t remember shit. Names, the reason I rushed out the house to the grocery store, the entire week after my 21st birthday – all a wash. OK, I’m exaggerating a bit, but my memory is definitely not my greatest strength. I wasn’t quite sure if it was the birth of my two precious babies or all the fun I had in college until I saw the segment on Momnesia on The Today Show yesterday. Now I know. It was definitely the babies. And, I must say it felt good to know I wasn’t alone and I wasn’t crazy, either. To hear a doctor confirm that your brain turns to mush after the birth of a child was enlightening and strangely exhilarating. OK, that’s not quite what she said, it was more like...

“the condition is brought on by the wildly fluctuating flood of hormones that accompanies pregnancy, childbirth and breast-feeding. ‘It alters brain chemistry,’ Dr. Louann Brizendine said. ‘All these hormones are in a stew in the brain that are changing the way a mother focuses.’”

Like I said, brain to mush. And now that I have it scientifically backed by a doctor, poor Husband, I will be milking this one until … until … hmm … damn, I can’t remember!

Do you have Momnesia? Forgetful minds want to know…



Attallah said...

Amber, Andy's mom and I were discussing this a little while back. I caught a snippet of a report about this. I thought it was quite interesting since, I already suffer from it!!! Maybe, it's the gazillion children I come into contact with on the daily...along with the grown up signifigant other @ home, lol. O yeah and there's wedding planning, I almost forgot,lol

What's next??!!