Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Doubling Up

It’s Hump Day at Wifey’s House, the one day a week I dish about sex. Last week I posted about Reverend Ed Young’s “sexperiment." This week I find it only fitting to provide you with a link to hear the reverend’s conclusion about the seven day sex challenge he gave to married couples in his congregation.

In the video he suggests that people continue to nurture their sex lives outside of the seven day challenge by doubling up on their regular routine. If you have sex once a week, make it twice. If you’re already getting it on twice a week strive for four. Double whatever the number is and go from there.

The point of doubling up is not to play the numbers game – who cares how many times you do it if you’re not having any fun – but to make a conscious effort to improve the quality of your sex life, not just the quantity.

So, this week when you try doubling up, ahem, don’t only focus on the number of times you have sex, but on making it a more exciting and desirable experience for you and your spouse. Who knows, next week you might think three times is a charm...

Winks & Smiles,

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sexperiment for MARRIED Couples – Warning Requires Sex - Gasp!

It’s Hump Day at Wifey’s House, the one day a week I dish about sex. In case you missed it, here’s a clip from CBS News about Reverend Ed Young’s “sexperiment.”

It reminds me of a shortened and more obtainable version of this.

Over the past week I’ve seen several interviews and media coverage that has either praised him for suggesting such a thing or has condemned him for suggesting such a thing. Gasp! It’s amazing the controversy that sex can stir – especially sex encouraged to strengthen MARRIED couples’ relationships. I did hear him correctly; he is only talking to MARRIED couples, right?

Thoughts? Opinions? Participants? Inquiring and MARRIED minds want to know…

Winks & Smiles,

Friday, November 14, 2008

Therapy Needed for FTWS (Fabulous Trip Withdrawal Syndrome)

Friday’s confession…

I woke up in the middle of the night sweating, shaking and mumbling something to the effect of “No, Suite 1564 is MINE!”

Yes, I’m going through post fabulous trip withdrawals. Damn.

The two weeks I spent sailing around the Mediterranean were, um, how can I describe them? Oh, I know, blissful. Absolute pure bliss. I love my family, and my life, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world, ahem, but I can admit that I thoroughly enjoyed not having to do anything for anybody at anytime during my adventure.

In fact it was quite the opposite, gasp! Everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – was taken care of for me. All I had to do was just be there and enjoy the moment. No cooking, no cleaning, no washing dishes, no laundry, no picking up after anybody, no listening to whining, no getting anybody ready for school, no washing windows – oh, I don’t do that anyway – no checking in the hotel, no planning which tour of which city to take, no worrying about how I will get where I’m supposed to be, everything was planned for and taken care of by somebody else. I did have to decide which new outfit I was going to wear each day and whether I wanted white or red wine with dinner but somehow I struggled through it.

So, forgive me as I imagine myself still lounging in my suite on the beautiful Brilliance of the Seas while the concierge and stateroom attendant do everything that I don’t want to do.

The infamous suite 1564.

The bathroom was luxurious.

A toliet and bidet.

Jacuzzi tub.

The beds, shot from the lounge area complete with a cozy couch/full size pullout bed.

Nobody makes cute little animals out my washcloths at home.

Our private deck.

Wanda and Wifey prepared for anything!

Our "king of the world" moment, sitting on top of the ship as we pull into Venice.

Ah, Venice.

The view from our deck at the end of the day.

See why I’m struggling? Alright, it’s back to the real world. My house needs cleaning and for some strange reason my family likes it when I go to the grocery store and buy food. There’s no concierge or stateroom attendant at Wifey’s House to take care of these things for me.

Oh, damn. I am the concierge and stateroom attendant at Wifey’s House. And you wonder why I’m going through withdrawals…

Winks & Smiles,

Thursday, November 13, 2008

She’s So Resourceful

Milan wanted to ride her bike but couldn’t find her helmet…

Yes, that’s her softball batting helmet on her head.

Nothing’s going to stop this girl.

Later, when she was done playing with her princess babies I told her to put them away…

Five hours later I found them in captivity. Yes, that’s the dog’s crate.

Poor baby Cinderella and Jasmine.

That’s not quite what I had in mind, but you gotta love it. She's so resourceful...

Winks & Smiles,

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dress Up to Undress

It’s Hump Day at Wifey’s House, the one day a week I dish about sex. In previous posts I’ve talked about looking your best – working out, taking the time to get dressed, ahem, and ditching the bedtime T-shirt and sweatpants. This week I’m encouraging you to freshen up your nighties – but not to sleep in. Gasp!

Yes, I’m talking about lingerie. Technically considered intimate/sleepwear apparel but not necessarily meant for sleeping. When is the last time you took an audit of your teddies and tried them on for your hubby? If you can’t remember I suggest you go straight to your bedroom and take a peek to see what you might be missing.

While lingerie is not for everyone, many men and women find it sexy and empowering. Sometimes slipping into something designed to enhance your sexiness is like unleashing an alter ego allowing you to feel more free and sensuous – or just plain naughty. Gasp!

Whether it’s thongs and thigh-hi’s or babydoll’s and chemises; there’s lingerie out there to fit all different tastes, shapes and sizes. This week take some time to discover what you – and your husband – like and get dressed up … to undress.

Winks & Smiles,

Here’s a few links to get you started. The big disclaimer – I have not purchased products from all of these sites, so please review their terms and conditions carefully.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Is Age Just a Number?

I just read an interesting article in USA Today on the ideal age to get married. According to the US Census, the new median age is almost 26 for women and almost 28 for men. It’s the oldest since they began keeping stats.

Is it better to start your career and look for love later in life? Or, does it make sense to build your life and career with the one you love? What do you think? Ageless wives want to know…

Winks & Smiles,

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Crazy Lady in the Carpool Line

The car ride to school was unusually peaceful this morning … right until we pulled up to the front of the drop-off line at school. You know, so everyone could witness my drama.

That’s when I heard a big ruckus in the backseat and turned around to see my children fighting their way to the front to kiss me goodbye. Sweet, right? Yeah, I wish it was all about me but they really only care who gets to do it first.

So I stop the car, turn around, pry them apart and a nice gentleman from the school working the carpool line opens the door just in time to hear me yell. That’s when my son starts crying and screams…

“Mommy, YOU poked me in the eye.”

WTF? Why is everything always my fault? Mind you no parts of my body came anywhere near his eyes.

So now I’ve changed from the crazy lady in the store to the crazy lady in the carpool line.

Great. And, it’s only 9 a.m. Happy Friday…

Winks & Smiles,

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I’m Back…

It’s Hump Day at Wifey’s House, the one day a week I dish about sex. Could there be better day to come back? OK, truth be told I’ve been back for a week, I just haven’t blogged. I needed some time to rejoin the “real” world. Wifey’s big adventure was so awesome and dare I say life changing that even I, a writer, can’t fully put it into words – gasp! Instead of trying to do that in one post I’ve decided to share bits and piece of my journey over time, but today, ahem, is Hump Day…

Did anyone watch Oprah’s show on sex this past Monday? Yes, somehow Oprah keeps finding her way into Hump Day. Anyway, if you missed it, you missed a good one. Dr. Laura Berman was her guest and gave a really fun and informative sex lesson about fantasies, orgasms and vajayjays as Oprah calls them.

I won’t attempt to retell the entire show, I suggest setting your DVR to catch it when it reruns, but I will share with you Dr. Berman’s homework assignments. The first one is to kiss for 10 seconds everyday. A few months ago I wrote about kissing and suggested something similar. Move past the peck and kiss your husband for a full ten seconds without the intent of it leading to sex. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how long a real ten seconds is – one one-thousand, two one-thousand… – and what kind of reaction you’ll get when you do it.

The second homework assignment caused a little stir with the audience: look at your vulva with a handheld mirror. Gasp! Her rational is that you need to know yourself, your own body, and be able to look at, especially if you want him to. Talk about freaking some people out. It’s amazing how sex, and most things relating to sex, can ignite such strong reactions. She didn’t suggest that you examine his body, ahem, she simply suggested that you look at your own.

So, this week feel free to recall your school days and do a little homework. Doubling up on the first assignment might even earn you extra credit.

Winks & Smiles,