Thursday, March 13, 2008

Miscarriage Manners and Fallen Stars

Although blogging is pretty new to me, I have been writing for years — first in my former life, before kids, as an entertainment publicist, then as an author and freelance magazine writer. As much as I have fallen in love with the blogosphere – it can be very addictive – I still enjoy curling up on the couch or sitting on the throne, ahem, with a good magazine.

I currently have two articles on newsstands now. You can’t read them on the web, but in case you’re interested and still like to physically flip through pages I thought I’d share.

The first one is in the February/March issue of Heart & Soul magazine. It’s called “Miscarriage Manners” and gives advice on how to respond when your sister, girlfriend, co-workers, etc. suffer from miscarriage. Yes, it stems from personal experience and being flabbergasted at the stupid shit, I mean inappropriate responses that some people give when they think you might be pregnant or have suffered a miscarriage.

The second one is in the March issue of Upscale magazine. This one also stems from personal experience. It’s a parenting feature titled “Fallen Stars – With Young Stars Constantly Getting into Adult Dilemmas and Popular Athletes Incurring Trouble with the Law, Are Celebrities the Best Role Models for Our Children?” Living in the metropolitan Atlanta area it was really sticky when Michael Vick took an overdose of stupid pills and washed his career down the drain – can you tell I’m a little disappointed in him? Anyway, I had to explain all of this to my son and decide if he could keep his favorite Michael Vick jersey. I decided to get some input from some experts and put in an article.

I like to write about real issues that happen to real people. Has anyone had to deal with someone one lacking in the etiquette department after a miscarriage? Or, explain to their child why Brittney Spears in off her rocker and her little sister is pregnant at 16? Do share. Mystified moms want to know…



Sheila said...

That's hilarious! I wrote an article on just that topic, too, a couple of years ago.

I had people come up to me after I lost my son who said, "It was obviously for the best. It wasn't meant to be." I felt like telling them that they obviously were not meant to be in my presence at that moment, but I didn't.

And then there are the people who are just afraid to say anything, which makes you feel more awkward so you feel like you have to be the one to put them at ease. How come we're the ones who have to be nice and giving when we're the ones who are hurting?

I know people mean well, but sometimes they should just get over themselves and think about others!

There. Phew. I've said it! I'm sorry about your miscarriage, too....

Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today! said...

That's great about the article. I wish I could've read it about the time my best friend had a miscarriage. I could tell that she was annoyed with anything and everything everybody (including me) said to her. It can unfortunately lead to a bit of distance between the woman who miscarried and women who haven't gone through the same thing.

Thanks for stopping by - hope to see you again!

Wifey said...

Thanks, Ladies, for your comments. Great points in both of them. I appreciate your kind words and enjoyed visiting both of your blogs!