Friday, March 28, 2008

The Truth About Motherhood - Girlfriend Style

When I was thinking about getting pregnant, I bought and read almost every book ever written about pregnancy and what to do once the baby comes out! Quietly, that was my real fear. I know many women who were scared of actually delivering the baby. Not me. My fear was about what to do when the little thing comes out – and I actually have to take it home with me.

So, I read, and read, and read. And, most of it was very helpful. But, there were certain things that even though you read them, right there on the page in black and white, they still didn’t quite sink in. You needed to hear the words, preferably from a sympathetic girlfriend who’s been there before. Things like:

You sex drive might be low immediately after childbirth. Girlfriend translation: You’re not crazy because you’ve been cleared by your doctor at your six week check up to have sex again, but your body still looks and feels pregnant, so sex the thought of sex, well, it isn’t even a thought …


Potty training takes patience. Girlfriend translation: Pee is way easier than poop and one day, I promise, your child will stop pooping on himself in a corner and discover that the toilet is a much easier and less messy place for everyone.

Sometimes girlfriends just a have a special way of breaking things down so that you don’t!

What did your girlfriends hip you to? The Parent Bloggers Network is collaborating with Discovery Health to introduce their new docu-drama “Deliver Me,” and would love hear your truth about motherhood. Share your story and some girlfriend wisdom; and you just might win the prize.

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Mycrazylife said...

I only knew then....four children later, I'm still no pro.

Each one is a new experience and I stop and think, "why don't I remember this happening before?"

Leucantha` said...

Just dropping through from PBN. Enjoyed the read..

Wifey said...

I suffered from the "I don't remember" syndrome, too!

Thanks for stopping by... smiles!

Jocelyn said...

Hi, sorry it took me a while. Your wonderful blog should already be listed on the directory. Thanks!

Jocelyn @

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

After I got married and found out that sex hurt A LOT, I really wished my mom or (very few) married friends had warned me. Girl could use a Girlfriend to talk about these things.

So, I should tell you've I've crashed your blog because, I'm, uh, just a bit late for the UBP.

You sound super relate-able, and down-to-earth. I'm excited to explore your blog more!

Wifey said...

Glad you stopped by - smiles!

Person(Also Known As Mommy) said...

There is so much that no one tells you before you get pregnant...and every pregnancy is different, so all knowledge and experience from the previous pregnancies is basically useless!

Oh well, learn as you go...

Jenny said...

Why is pooping in the potty chair so darned hard for them to figure out? We're in that lovely stage now.

Unfortunately, I was pregnant again within 10 weeks of giving birth to my daughter, so I have nothing to contribute to the lack of sex drive post-pregnancy topic!