Friday, March 7, 2008


There are so many things that my children do that make me flashback to my childhood. Sometimes I have to stop myself and remember I’m the parent, not the kid anymore. The Parent Bloggers Network’s Blog Blast today is teaming up with Highlights Magazine and their new publication High Five inviting people to reminisce about the things they loved to do as a child that they do now with their own kids.

Wow, my list could go on and on. Everything from reading my favorite childhood books – Are You My Mother? and of course the classic Green Eggs and Ham – to playing outside with my cousins at family get-togethers. Watching my kids run around with their kids, playing some of the same outdoor games we used to – freeze tag, hide and seek – is simply amazing to me.

But if I had to pick one thing that stands out the most for each child it’s Milan taking ballet and Miles playing basketball. Both of these are things that I enjoyed doing as a child and I get such joy out of watching my children do the same. The little bashful smile that graces Milan’s face as she awkwardly tries to do every move perfectly and the proud look Miles’ shoots me when he plays great defense or gets a rebound are priceless. I remember being in their shoes like it was yesterday and can’t believe that I am watching my children do the same.

What precious memories do you share with your children? Flashback with The Parent Bloggers Network and you just might win a free subscription to Highlights or High Five; or at least gain a new appreciation for time spent with your little ones.

Reminiscent Smiles,


Robin Rivers said...

Oh, I still love "Are You My Mother". :)

It's amazing what connects with us, and how we pass it along grinning the whole way.

wifey's house said...

So true! Thanks for sharing - smiles.