Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Getting Your Sexy Back

I was watching The Today Show yesterday and saw a segment about getting your sexy back. Yes, I am a Today Show junkie, and will often comment on their comments. Anyway, the story had several great pieces of advice but one thing stuck out to me. They suggested to “dust off your appearance” and put a little more effort into the way you look.

I couldn’t agree more. Some of us are already “fashionistas” and keep everything looking tight, right and perfectly in place. But, I think it’s safe to say that many of us might fall victim to the ever frequent ponytail, T-shirt and sweatpants routine. It’s not that we don’t care about our appearance, but time is not always on our side. Sometimes a shower feels like a special treat. Perhaps if we carve out a few extra minutes to take some time for ourselves, gasp, we just might get our sexy back.

Let’s be real, most of our husbands would have sex with us if we went to bed wearing a burlap sack, a mud mask and a head full of curlers, but think about how much more exciting it would be if you lost the granny panties, put on a thong and got your swagger back.

Letting your hair down, putting on a sexy top and a little bit of lip gloss can easily boost your self-esteem and your sex life. It’s so easy to get comfortable and complacent in marriage. Yes, you’ve got him, but if you want to keep him happy and interested you’ve got to keep you happy and interested, too.

This week find the extra fifteen minutes to spruce yourself up. Loose the sweatpants and pull on the sexy form fitting jeans. Feel good about you and have fun while both you and your husband reap the benefits!

Smiles & Winks,

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Much More Than A Mom said...

Good idea - I think I'll do that!

Happy Partying!

Busymama Karen said...

Your post is spot on. I take a fraction of the time to spruce myself up each morning than I did before kids. And that's because I have to leave the house if I stayed at home I'd do even less! Thanks for the reminders.

Wifey said...

Thanks for weighing in! Smiles!