Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What Did I Get Myself Into?

Now I know why everyone looks around at each other when the coach asks who would like to be the Team Mom? What I haven’t figured out yet is why I raised my hand.

I felt bad. Miles' T-Ball coach asked the question two or three times and everybody looked away and mumbled the reasons why they couldn’t. I also heard Husband’s words ringing in my head. You never make the commitment to get involved. What? What! Yes, ma’am, those words sparked a huge, I mean calm and well behaved debate. I never get involved … hmm… could it be because I am working, taking care of a husband, two kids, a dog, writing a book, cleaning the house, shuffling the kids around to their activities ... blah, blah, blah.

After getting over myself and the long list of things I am very committed to, I finally heard what Husband was trying to say. He wasn’t questioning my ability to commit, but more my willingness to take on one more role. I, like many other mothers who have overloaded plates, hadn’t raised my hand to be Team Mom because it’s one more thing that I thought I didn’t have time to do. For many this is true, but sometimes a little shuffling and scheduling can clear out a few minutes in the day to take care of Team Mom responsibilities. Or so I thought when I raised my hand.

How hard could it be anyway? In my previous life, B.K. (Before Kids), when I worked as a publicist in the music industry, I was responsible for flying superstar artists and their entourages - bands, dancers, mamas, boyfriends, dogs (don’t ask) - around the country and arranged performances on some of the top television and award shows. I’ve walked Usher, OutKast, and many others down the red carpet at The Grammy Awards. Surely I can handle eleven 5 and 6 year-old little boys playing T-ball in the park once a week. Ha.

While, it wasn't quite as demanding as a walk down the paparazzi filled red carpet, my first Team Mom meeting lasted two, yes, two hours where I received a very well-organized and detailed packet full of information that I was responsible for throughout the season. Yeah. Now I know why everyone looks around when the coach asks who would like to be the Team Mom?

Opening Day at the park is this Saturday. There are team banners to be made, names to put on jerseys, snacks to schedule, a truck for the parade to decorate, fundraising to do, waivers to sign…

Wish me and the Southwest T-Ball White Sox good luck…