Friday, February 15, 2008

Cupcake Confession

I was attacked by two Valentine’s Day cupcakes last night. Not one, but two. A chocolate and vanilla. OK, truth, I had a fight with two Valentine’s Day cupcakes. And they kicked my ass. The fight started in the grocery store when I had to buy them, for the kids of course. I decided I could handle it, knowing that I probably would succumb to one. Definitely not two. But, I devoured them both after dinner - back to back. And, they were great. Within five minutes I totally wiped out my 50 minute morning workout.

One of the culprits! How could I resist?

The true confession... it was worth every little, yummy bite!

Smiles & Guilt free,


Anonymous said...

That's so funny..... I was attacked by a bag of cheetos and four oreos at 1am!

;) Nikki D