Monday, February 18, 2008

Money On My Mind

I woke up this morning with money on my mind. I’m not sure about you, but money is something that I never seem to have enough of. My eyes don’t blink dollar signs, but I can’t lie – the thought of being debt free and financially secure is almost orgasmic! Husband and I have decided that we need to buckle down and really get our financial house in order. I’m not a money maven – yet, but I do know a thing or two. Definitely enough to dedicate a chapter in my Newlywed book on how to deal with money. But obviously not enough to claim I’m debt free and financially secure – yet. One of the downsides of writing a book and dishing out advice is you have to practice what you preach. Damn. No, really, it’s actually a good thing because it motivates me even more to put into practice some really good habits that will pay off – literally – in the future.

Like I said, I’m not a money maven yet, but I plan to be one – soon! When I decide to do something I pretty much grab hold and take it on for the long haul – kinda’ like how the media does Brittney. This is not a financial blog, but I’m sure I will be bragging about … ahem… I mean sharing some of what I’m learning and bitching about some of the sacrifices that I’ll have to make from time to time. I invite you to do the same. If you’ve already mastered money in your house please share it with the rest of us – money-managing minds want to know!

In the meantime, I am off to Border’s bookstore to buy Dave Ramsey’s book, The Total Money Makeover. Husband has been listening to him on the radio and thinks it’s worth checking out. I guess you have to spend money to make money. I’ll keep you posted…