Friday, February 29, 2008

Morning Face

Friday seems to be the day that I keep confessing shit, I mean clearing my conscience, so I guess I’ll continue on.

This is another one of those “practice what you preach” scenarios. School day mornings I pretty much roll out of bed, get the kids ready and head out of the door. All focus is on them. Husband is normally off to work by then, and I work from home so I have no desire to wake up any earlier than necessary. If someone was to "Ask Wifey" is it OK to take your kids to school in the morning without getting dressed, I’d probably tell them something like, “Uh, No.” It’s not necessary to be in full make-up and drag, but hello, you don’t want any of the kids asking your child “Why is your mommy still wearing her pajamas?” Not that it’s happened to me or anything. Ahem.

Anyway, this morning we were running a little late. No one, including me, wanted to get up … and it’s Friday. Not much was done this morning to enhance my appearance except brushing my teeth and throwing on some clean sweatpants. So of course this is the morning that I kept seeing people I know. First, I arrived at my daughter’s school right when my neighbor and his daughter pulled up. I figured I could move slowly and he would go in first without ever seeing me. Miles had different plans.

“Hey, there’s our neighbor!”

And his door flew open so he could hop out and say hello.

Damn. Sometimes you’ve just got to smile, take a big girl pill and get over it. I said hello and pretended that I didn’t look like the hot mess I knew I was.

Then we get to Miles' school and drive into the drop off lanes. Of course I pull right next to one of my best girlfriends whose husband happened to be with her today. I smiled and quickly told them “this is my morning face… my Friday morning face.”

“Right,” they said and laughed.

Lesson learned. Monday, I’ll be fresh, clean, hair done and might even put on some lip gloss; and I’m sure I’ll run into absolutely no one.

Do you get dressed to drop off your kids at school; or put make up on to run in and out of the grocery store? Come on and spill the beans, a little confession is good for the mind.



Anonymous said...

Hey there Cookie, (it's me the best girlfriend) the hubby and I thought you looked fine this morning:) Yeah, I have gotten busted looking busted!!! I try not to do it, but, when you go to Walmart' it's like who cares. Until you run into your single, no kid having girlfriend, that you haven't seen in like 10 years, with the great body and she's looking at you smiling but, really you know behind the smile she's like, "damn what happened to her!" You know it's time to re-up on the foundation, gloss and an exercise program!
Love you talk to you soon,

Wifey's House said...

So sweet you are to ease my guilt! Big Smiles!