Monday, June 9, 2008

Tennis Anyone?

I started playing women’s doubles recreational tennis through the Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association last spring. I played tennis when I was younger, but hadn’t really touched a racquet in at least twenty years. It’s almost like riding a bike, the basics all came back. And, thanks to my fabulous coach, Andre, my game is improving immensely and I’m having an absolute ball – no pun intended.

That’s exactly why I was so pleased, and somewhat shocked, when Husband said that he wanted to play mixed doubles with me this season. Husband is athletic, he played football in college and has worked out his whole life, but, tennis has never been his game.

After only two months of playing, he’s almost surpassed me and has already turned into a great player. It’s almost amazing. It could have something do to do with his passion and “obsession” for the game. Yes, although I love it, I’ve created a monster who wants to play everyday, several hours a day.

So, Husband and I played our first match of the season on Saturday and pulled out a hard-fought victory – 4-6, 6-3, 7-5. It was great because I love playing, but it was even better because I was playing with Husband. While having separate interest from your spouse is healthy, it’s also beneficial to find common interests and activities that you can do together. It’s so easy to slip into separate schedules, but finding something that will keep you active and working together as a team can really strengthen and add a little spark to your relationship.

How about you? Tennis anyone? Or, softball, flag-football, running, bowling … What activities do you and your spouse do together? Active couples everywhere want to know…

Winks & Smiles,

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Shockingly - because I'm so not a sports person - we started playing tennis last year! BUT, my wrist got injured IMMEDIATELY and since then. So, we haven't played this year, but I'm hoping the doc will fix it and we'll be able to play again soon! I love it! It's so funny that I can even play. My husband was so impressed - we thought for sure I'd be a total clutz at it like everything else. Who would've thought I could actually hit the frickin' ball?!