Friday, January 9, 2009

The Power of the Jedi Mind

When I first started this blog I fell into the habit of writing Friday Confessions – posts where I would voluntarily tell on myself about something I probably shouldn’t have thought, said or did.

Don’t ask.

Looks like I’m at it again.

I Jedi mind-tricked the kids into using Target gift cards they got for Christmas to buy underwear for themselves.

I was folding clothes and saw firsthand that new underwear was in desperate need at Wifey’s House. Besides, Miles decided he wanted boxers anyway.

So, I saw the gift cards and excitedly told the kids…

“Ooh, look. Gift cards to Target! Miles you could get those new boxers you want and Milan could get some pretty princess panties! Yay! Sounds like a great idea, right, right? Yay! Yay!”

Yeah, I know. The only things missing were my pompoms and a megaphone.

Their response…

“Cool! Yes! Mom, you’re the best! Will you get them for us! Please, please!”

Oh, and Milan sealed the deal with a really high-pitch scream.

When I told Husband he shook his head and said that I was dead-ass wrong.

If he only knew how many times he’s been Jedi mind-tricked, too.

Shh ... and may the force be with you, too.

Winks & Smiles,


Christie-A Work In Progress said...

That was FRICKEN hilarious! The force has been with me upon occasion as well! Great post! Gonna follow your blog. I tend to let my reader get behind so dont hold it against me (LOL)

MOMSWEB said...

Tooo funny! Love it!

Monkey Toe Momma said...

That. Is. Exactly. What. I. Would. Have. Done! LOL! You are awesome - :)

Modern Princess said...

Perfect "mom-edi" moment! ;)

Anonymous said...

That was great! Teach me master, so I may be wise in the Force too.

CP said...

Hilarious! Come do some Jedi mind tricks on my kids and see if you can make them clean their rooms. Please?