Thursday, January 15, 2009

Let the Games Begin

Another sports season has officially begun for my little scholar athletes. Basketball – a personal favorite of mine. While Miles is ballin’ big time and loving it, Milan decided not to play. Despite my desperate attempts to persuade, trick and bribe her; the cute little skirts and puffy pompoms won her over – she’s cheerleading.

While I’ve been known in the past to get involved and visibly show my team support, I’m taking the low-key approach this season. No shirts, buttons or homemade signs just lots of love, encouragement… and, of course, pictures.

Milan showing Miles some pre-game love.

My little happy cheerleader.

Post game ice-down. No, he isn't bribing the ref, that's Husband staying involved.

What about your house? What activites do you and your children do? Active moms want to know...

Winks & Smiles,


Joyce The Writer said...

Miles and Milan are just adorable...well I'll say Milan is adorable and Miles is handsome (cause I know he's too old for adorable)...and I love the ice down shot...a real athlete...when my daughter was one, we took her to a very active music class...lots of dancing and playing that she's 2 and in school, we do our dancing at home to Sesame Street (the best children's learning show in existance!!)...she gives mommy a serious work out to with her streaking from room to room trying to escape baths, hair braiding, potty time, bed time, basically anything mommy wants to do...I love it!

workout mommy said...

great pictures!

mine are too young for organized activites, but we do a lot of running, chasing, and couch-jumping. I think they might be olympic contenders in couch jumping. (just don't tell my mom!) :)

Christie-A Work In Progress said...

Your kids are soooooo cute! We are just getting to the soccermom/dad stage. My DD just started Dance last week.

Lite }{ said...

Aww, look how tall Miles is getting with those long legs. That face he's making sure does bring back some memories, lol.

Monkey Toe Momma said...

I love the pictures! So cute!

We do brownies, ballet, and guitar lessons (for our oldest. She has Rock Star Dreams).

Sherrelle said...

I love the pics of your cute! I'm afraid that my daughter will be like Milan....she is not interested in sports one bit. She played soccer one fall and ran away if the ball ever came near her. She takes her Leapster or a book to her brother's basketball games. She does take an art class (her passion) and she is a Brownie. I wish that she would take a dance class because she is a GIFTED dancer, but she won't. Basketball season with my son is crazy busy, but we are at every game. My husband used to coach too when it was rec league, but now that my son plays for school, my husband is forced to sit in the breachers, but that doesn't stop him for yelling. LOL!