Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Six Sexy Do’s & Don’ts

It’s Hump Day at Wifey’s House, the one day a week I dish about sex. In honor of the official release of my new book, Help! I’m a Newlywed…What Do I Do Now? Wife-Saving Advice Every New Bride Must Know to Survive the First Year of Marriage, here’s six do’s and don’ts from the book to help keep your sex life… sexy:

Do take the time to create the sex life you want. You have your whole life to build your sex life. That’s why it’s called a sex life.

Don’t do anything that you’re not comfortable with. Married or not – period.

Do what makes you feel sexy. Wear pretty panties, shave your legs, and shower yourself with fragrant body wash. Take the time to do the things that make you feel sexy.

Do have a nooner. Meet at home for lunch… and skip the lunch!

Do keep your sex life interesting. There’s nothing worse than boring sex…except more boring sex.

Do experiment with sex toys and games. There’s a wide assortment of fun and safe toys and games available to enhance your sex life. Spice it up and have some fun.

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Winks & Smiles,