Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Golden Girl

It’s over. Whoo hoo! My Fifteen in Five plan has reached it’s end and the final results are in…. after almost five weeks I have lost a total of 10 pounds and dropped nearly two clothes sizes – and I am absolutely thrilled!

No, I did not reach the fifteen pounds, but in my eyes I still won. Ten pounds in a little less than five weeks is phenomenal and most importantly a healthy amount of weight to lose. That averages out to two pounds per week, which follows most professional guidelines.

About three weeks into my plan I realized losing the fifteen was looking slim – no pun intended. For a brief moment I contemplated doing something drastic to ensure that I hit that mark. I’m certain if I restricted my calories even lower than I already had, added a few more workouts or went on a “cleanse” I would have made the fifteen, no doubt. Then I quickly realized that would be a disappointing mistake. Not only is it dangerous – mentally and physically – to be so attached to reaching a number, but it would be a poor example to set since I am sharing my journey with other people. Besides, I am not J-Lo, Beyonce or any other superstar getting paid millions of dollars to toy with their weight on demand.

So, I stuck to my plan of working out and eating healthy; and couldn’t be happier with the results. My girlfriend who also took the challenge with me, faired well and lost just under 10 pounds herself, so I went out and got us both a little something.

Inspired by the Olympics, I think it’s important to recognize hard work when it happens. Both of us stayed strong to our commitment – working out regularly, no cheating with the eating and not drinking one drop of alcohol. With five kids between us, all under age ten, that deserves a medal in itself.

I’m not sharing all of this to toot my own horn – as a former publicist I naturally like to blend into the background – but I would love to inspire someone to tackle one of their goals, too. I think I’m proof that you don’t have to be perfect (I lost 10 pounds not 15, remember?) but you do have to do it. Besides, some of the rewards are priceless.

Last spring I bought an adorable little tennis dress on sale knowing I couldn’t fit into. It was 50 percent off, a size too small and stayed on the hanger with the tag on it the entire season. Now, that same little dress will be the one I wear on Sunday to start off my fall tennis season.

My dress, my gold medal and me ten pounds lighter!

The accountability of having a partner and blogging about my journey has been extremely helpful in staying on course. I appreciate all of you who stopped by to cheer me on and wish me well. Please let me know if I can ever do the same for you…

Winks & Smiles,


CP said...

Woo Hoo! Congratulations! You have inspired me to take the same challenge for September. I posted about it yesterday.

You look fabulous!

Mrs. N. said...

You go girl! You look great!!

MoziEsmé said...

Yeah! You look great!

Lu said...

you look great. congratulations.

not-so domestic goddess said...

Congratulations! You look fabulous!!

Wifey said...

Thanks, Ladies! CP, I'm coming to check you out now - smiles!