Monday, February 2, 2009

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Sports?

Not if you ask me. Well, not this weekend anyway. I’m still savoring the past two sports-filled days and will probably start going through football withdrawal within the next two weeks.

First up, my little athletes… Miles was hoopin’ Saturday morning. He scored 8 points and was defensive player of his basketball game. Milani, my little shy cheerleader, was the loudest she’s been this year and got a pretty purple star for best leadership on her squad.

Next up a little tennis; or if you’re Rafael Nadal – a lot. Thank goodness for ESPN2 and The Tennis Channel replaying all of The Australian Open action – the time difference put the men and women’s finals on at 3:30 a.m. I enjoyed every second of it – especially watching Serena and Nadal win.

Last but definitely not least – Go Steelers! No, I’m not a die hard fan – if I had to choose, I’d go with the hometown Falcons – but I was pulling for Pittsburgh and enjoyed watching the game go down to the wire.

Through all of the excitement, Husband and I still found time to get to our spot to make our weekly picks. They are:

Husband’s Pick:

Baron’s Black Wattle Superior Wattle Seed Ale

Wifey’s Pick:
Gumdale Shiraz Cabernet 2008

Both are Australian, in honor of The Open. Husband’s pick was great, so great that we never tried mine. Gasp! I’ll shelve it for another time – no drinking during the week, I’m still working on that bikini, remember?

Winks & Smiles,