Wednesday, April 8, 2009

That’ll be $1 Please

Having a boy has many perks – simple hair, low maintenance shopping and no high-pitch screaming – but when it comes to things like making sure all of your pee lands inside the toilet, boys suck.

Yes, I’m tired of wiping up misdirected urine from the floor, Gasp!, - Miles is only 7 so it’s not like he’s standing that far from the toilet – but no worries, I’ve come up with a plan to fix his little problem.

I’ve decided to start charging him $1 every time he misses the potty and doesn’t clean it up himself. We’ll see if that can straighten him out – no pun intended. He only has a few dollars so for his sake I hope he learns quickly.

What creative ways have you come up with to correct your kids’ minor malfunctions? Do tell, frustrated mamas want to know …

Winks & Smiles,

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joanofalltrades said...

I don't have kids, but when I used be in the classroom, I would guilt them to death. Kids like to lie too much, so my motto was no matter what you did, you would not get in trouble as long as you told the truth. If I found out you lied, it was all over. They did not want to see that side of me, so they mostly told the truth. Conversations would go like this:
Me: What did you say to her?
Kid: I said f%$k you.
Me: Okay don't say it again. Thanks for telling the truth.
(mind you this was elementary school)

MOMSWEB said...

Sometimes when I walk by my sons' bathroom, it smells like a rest area. Gross! Wifey, I grab the Clorox and Pine Sol, and tell them to go at it. Get waaaay down there near the bottom of the toilet also, please! It's yellow down there!! Good grief! Wifey, Miles may be broke's the nature of the beast (lol). Well, maybe you can train your beast. Let us know!

LeNesha said...

Oh, I've tried quite a few tricks...

1) Leaving lights on, water running, etc. => .25 per occurrence. She learned quickly to not be wasteful.
2) Messy room => took everything out except for mattress. She earned the right to have things by demonstrating neatness in other areas...took her some time to miss her stuff, but she finally got the point.
3) Not thinking b4 speaking, resulting in continual sentence restarts and incomplete thoughts => We practiced being news anchors, public speakers, and had her pause and think between sentences. She's now a much better communicator.

Thanks for asking,

Christie-A Work In Progress said...

LOL! Oh crap! Is that what I have to look forward too! I thought farting was my biggest issue! Damn! By the way, he is going to KILL you for this post when he gets older! HA!

Anonymous said...

You will be rich by day's end with a $1 payout for each missed stream!

Funkidivagirl said...

Oh, I charge my son $1 each time I am standing by the door ready to take him to school and he's not ready yet. But he's 13 and motivated by money (or rather, keeping his money)!

What about having Miles clean the toilet? He can use Clorox wipes (wearing gloves). Even if he doesn't do a great job, at least he learns that if he pees in the toilet, there is less to clean.

Sapphire said...

My kids are smaller than yours, but I am a big believer in natural consequences. So whenever possible I try to see what the natural consequences of their actions would be and enforce them. Pee on the floor? Clean it up. We use all natural cleaners in my house and actually, you can just use a spray bottle with water and vinegar. Otherwise TJ's has some great stuff...brand name is Next to Godliness or Sal Suds by Bronner. Oh, I'm sorry, you didn't ask for green cleaning products, did you?
Where was I? Oh yes, natural consequences. Works well for something like peeing on the floor. Not so well with something like, talking back. What are the natural consequences of that? Me going off on you? LOL!!! J/ you can see it is a WIP!
Well, you've inspired another post over at my place. Look for it sometime next week!

Becca said...

Ha ha that is a great idea!

AmyD said...

I didnt have time to read all comments but I know Boys love target practice!!! Put a cherrio in the toilet and let him practice his aim!!! Worked for me!